Valley of the Sun SAS User’s Group
Agenda for the VALSUG Training Forum on October 4, 2016
Start Time Activity Length 8:00 Doors Open - Breakfast 30 min 8:30 Introductions 10 min 8:40 New for SAS 9.4: A Technique for Including Text and 120 min Graphics in your Microsoft Excel Workbooks, Part 1 (2016) 11:00 Break -- Cookies 15 min 11:15 TBD 50 min 12:05 Lunch 75 min   1:20 Tips and Stragegies for Mixed Modeling With SAS/STAT® Procedures 50 min   2:10 Step Up Your Statistical Practice With Today’s SAS/STAT® Software 50 min   3:00 Break -- Deserts 20 min   3:20 Ask the Experts - Round Table - Open Question Period with 60 min   4:20 Door Prizes 30 min   4:30 Adjourn
See below for short speaker biographical information New for SAS® 9.4: Including Text and Graphics in Your Microsoft Excel Workbooks, Part 2 (PDF) (2017) Vince DelGobbo, SAS A new ODS destination for creating Microsoft Excel workbooks is available starting in the third maintenance release for SAS® 9.4. This destination creates native Microsoft Excel XLSX files, supports graphic images, and offers other advantages over the older ExcelXP tagset. In this presentation you will learn step-by-step techniques for quickly and easily creating attractive multi-sheet Excel workbooks that contain your SAS® output. The techniques can be used regardless of the platform on which SAS software is installed. You can even use them on a mainframe! Creating and delivering your workbooks on-demand and in real time using SAS server technology is discussed. Although the title is similar to previous presentations by this author, this presentation contains new and revised material not previously presented. Using earlier versions of SAS to create multi-sheet workbooks is also discussed. Step Up Your Statistical Practice With Today’s SAS/STAT® Software Phil Gibbs, SAS Has the rapid pace of SAS/STAT® releases left you unaware of powerful enhancements that could make a difference in your work? Are you still using PROC REG rather than PROC GLMSELECT to build regression models? Do you understand how the GENMOD procedure compares with the newer GEE and HPGENSELECT procedures? Have you grasped the distinction between PROC PHREG and PROC ICPHREG? This paper will increase your awareness of modern alternatives to well-established tools in SAS/STAT® by using succinct, high-level comparisons rather than detailed descriptions to explain the relative benefits of procedures and methods. The paper focuses on alternatives in the areas of regression modeling, mixed models, generalized linear models, and survival analysis. When you see the advantages of these newer tools, you will want to put them into practice. This paper points you to helpful resources for getting started. Tips and Stragegies for Mixed Modeling With SAS/STAT® Procedures Phil Gibbs, SAS Inherently, mixed modeling with SAS/STAT® procedures (such as GLIMMIX, MIXED, and NLMIXED) is computationally intensive. Therefore, considerable memory and CPU time can be required. The default algorithms in these procedures might fail to converge for some data sets and models. This encore presentation of a paper from SAS® Global Forum 2012 provides recommendations for circumventing memory problems and reducing execution times for your mixed modeling analyses. This paper also shows how the new HPMIXED procedure can be beneficial for certain situations, as with large sparse mixed models. Lastly, the discussion focuses on the best way to interpret and address common notes, warnings, and error messages that can occur with the estimation of mixed models in SAS® software.