Valley of the Sun SAS User’s Group
Agenda for the VALSUG Training Forum on October 28, 2019
Start Time Activity Length
8:30 Doors Open - Breakfast 30 min 9:00 Introductions 15 min 9:15 Integrating SAS ®  and Microsoft Excel: Exploring the Many 90 min                      Options Available to You--Vince DelGobbo 10:45 Break -- Cookies 15 min 11:00 Introduction to SAS ®  and Open Source--Melodie Rush 60 min 12:00 Lunch 75 min 1:15 SCORE!  Techniques for Scoring Predictive Regression Models 60 min                      Using SAS/STAT ®  Software--Phil Gibbs 2:15 SAS ®  Viya ®  Tour -- Melodie Rush 60 min 3:15 Break -- Desserts 15 min 3:30 Using INFILE and INPUT Statements to Introduce External Data 60 min                      Into the SAS ®  SSystem--Andrew Kuligowski 4:30 Door Prizes 20 min 4:50 Adjourn
Vince DelGobbo is a Senior Software Developer in the Metadata and Execution Services group at SAS.  This group's responsibilities include the SAS/IntrNet Application Dispatcher and SAS Stored Processes.  He is involved in the development of new Web- and server-based technologies, bringing 3rd-party metadata into SAS, and integrating SAS output with Microsoft Office.  He was also involved in the early development of the ExcelXP ODS tagset.  Vince has been a SAS Software user since 1982, and joined SAS in 1992. 
Melodie Rush is the Statistician for the Customer Loyalty Team at SAS Institute.  Melodie received both her B.S. in Statistics and her Masters in Science of Management with a technical option in Statistics from North Carolina State University. Before joining SAS in 1996, Melodie worked for Research Triangle Institute as a Statistician.  Her responsibilities included implementing national and local surveys of various topics, such as health care, employee benefits, and drug abuse.  As part of her research, she has published work for both the American Statistical Association and the American Public Health Association.  After joining SAS, Melodie has developed presentations and methodology for doing many types of analysis, including data mining, forecasting, data exploration and visualization, quality control and marketing.  She has spent the last 15 years helping companies identify and solve problems in each of these analytical areas.
Phil Gibbs manages the advanced analytics group in the Technical Support division of SAS. His areas of specialty are linear/nonlinear mixed models, simulation, and mathematical optimization. He has been with SAS Technical Support for over 25 years and has used SAS software for over 35 years. Phil has a bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University and an M.S. in Statistics from Clemson University.
Andrew T. Kuligowski has been a SAS user for, well, for a long time. As an Independent Consultant, he has augmented his professional coding experiences by speaking at numerous SAS conferences and user group meetings across North America. Andrew was conference chair of SAS Global Forum 2012 in Orlando, and co-chair for SESUG’97 in Jacksonville and Tennessee SAS Users Day in Knoxville. In his spare time, Andrew volunteers at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa.